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This article is going to be a ‘postmortem’ of my experience after passing the Google Cloud ACE exam and having time to reflect, things I would change regarding my preparation, and then some tips & thoughts to help others prepare and hopefully pass as well 🥳. (P.s — A link to my profile on the certified registry)

Disclaimer: All suggestions are purely my own and were used by me during my exam preparation. No one has paid me to promote a specific course(s) &/or product(s).

Overall Impression

I did a lot of research and general googling regarding people’s impressions towards the exam…

This is a quick introduction to using Terraform to deploy cloud resources on Google Cloud Platform.

I will assume you have an understanding of IAC (Infrastructure as Code) and have already installed Terraform. If not, I’ve detailed two links below provided by HashiCorp for further reading;

The Basics — Provider & File Structure

Before we deep dive in, let’s first talk about the file structure and the brains behind the operation; the google provider.

The google provider is what allows Terraform to interact with GCP, in its most basic form it’s a series of files written in the programming language GO which…

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Cloud Engineer @BT

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