Another postmortem: Passing the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Exam — My Experience & Tips

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Overall Impression


Learning resources

  • (New)Google Cloud Architecture Tool — This is a really recent release from Google, but the premise remains the same as what I was using on for my architecture diagrams. Specifically, with the case studies, I took the time to draw out what I thought was the recommended architecture to fit each scenario and then export it as a JPG to keep going back to. With a similar UI and up-to-date icons and services, it’s my go-to now for all diagramming. 10/10
  • Google Cloud Architecture Framework — A great resource for all general tips and guidance with architecture on GCP, even if you feel confident I would recommend a quick read-through on this (admittedly it does become a bit of spider’s web with all the links to other links) for the re-assurance. 8/10
  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect All-in-One — After my previous experience with the Dan Sullivan books (and them now the best part of 2+ years out of date), I thought I’d try out this book by Iman Ghanizada; it was OK from what I remember. It does cover the basics and has some nice questions at the end of each chapter, I didn't try out the only test bank but it has those as well. 6/10
  • Certified Professional Cloud Architect (Whizlabs) — Through my work, I have a Pluralsight license; I was going through all of the architect video series provided by Google and felt it was pretty poor. So after searching and talking to a few people, they recommended Whizlabs. The practice exams are a fantastic resource, and the video content is again another nice refresher on top (although some of it was slightly outdated). 9/10
  • SunSea&You Youtube Channel — There is so much content to read from the Google Docs, Exam Guide, and then to top it off we have the case studies to decipher. Coming across these Youtube videos helped me by having a reference point for my diagrams and then it was interesting to see the differences between our solutions (and the similarities). I do recommend reading the case studies first and then comparing once you have something. All case studies were explained very well and I highly recommended 8/10
  • Exam Guide — I included this in my previous article and I will include it again! It's broader than the previous ACE exam guide, but in general, this exam is. Here, it's key to remember you that don't need to know everything, the fundamentals on each section and bullet point can get you by pretty well. 8/10

Final Thoughts




Cloud Engineer @BT

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Daniel Randell

Daniel Randell

Cloud Engineer @BT

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